Empowering Teachers in Ghanaian Basic Schools Prospects and Challenges

Whilst teacher empowerment is not new in literature, it appears that its practice is novel tomany head teachers of basic schools in Ghana. The study sought to investigate the prospects and challenges of teacher empowerment in Ghanaian Basic Schools. Using the convergent parallel design, a total of 282 teachers were randomly sampled from 32 basic schools in the Central Region of Ghana for the study. Whereas all 282 teachers answered the structured questionnaires, six (6) of them were further sampled to provide responses for the semi-structured interviews. The study revealed that the extent of teacher empowerment in the basic school is high. With regard to the prospects of teacher empowerment, the study established that teacher empowerment makes teachers more effective and helps to create the school‟s vision for students‟ success. The study further found that the main challenges facing teacher empowerment include: the hierarchical school structures, lack of trusts for teachers and favouritism from the part of head teachers. In view of the findings, the study recommended that head teachers of the basic schools should trust and respect teachers, support staff development and teachers‟ decisions. Additionally, head teachers of the basic schools should allocate adequate time for the development of collaborative relationships among teachers.
KEY WORDS: Empowerment, teacher, head teacher, basic school