Volume 2 Issue 8 (August 2018)

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Perceptions of the Social Consequences of Rape in EzinihitteMbaise,Imo State, Nigeria

Ibekwe, Christopher Chimaobi || Oli, Nneka Perpetua || Nwankwo, Ignatius Uche || Ikezue, Clement Emeka

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The Requirement For Worthy Attribute of Library Staff in Tertiary Institutions’ Libraries in the 21st Century

Gbotosho Ajibola Sunmade (Ph.D)

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Opinions of Alevis about Their Problems

Dr. İlhan Ozan Hamurcu

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Radio and television advertising of commercial bank products in Anambra State, Nigeria

Ani Bencollins || Anyasor Okwuchukwu M. Ph.D

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Potential Undiscovered Function of Viereckschanzes

Martin Linhart ||Mgr. Ales Pachmann, Ph.D.

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A linear correlation analysis of student engagement and level of understanding among Grade 11 Humanities and Social Sciences Students

Jenika Gi-An C. Nero || Beatrice Jubilee Orbiso || Eureka Alra Mahusay || Tracy Paulyne Suan || Alainna Regil Cui || Flordeliza Soroño-Gagani,LPT.,MA.,PhD

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The Study of Buginese Reciprocal Verb in the Boegineesche Chrestomathies Manuscript

Dalyan Tahir || Fathu Rahman || Anhar Rahman

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Review on Biomimicry Levels

Nurul Izzati Othmani || Mohd Yunos Mohd Yunos || Nor Atiah Ismail || Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd. Rahman

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Ecosystem Services Perspective in Green Infrastructure: A Literature Review

Md Sahak, N. || Mohd Yunos, M.Y. || Maulan, S. || Ismail, N.A

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Combating Youth Restiveness in Nigeria: Proferring workable Solutions

Dickson David Agbaji || Glory A. Akhabue || Daniel Egwuchukwu Duruaku || Fidelis Enyam Egor || Kanjal Bassey Ogban || Uduak Gilbert Pepple

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The identity in religious language in Malaysia

Munif Zarirruddin Fikri Nordin

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Antecedents of gated enclaves in urban centres in Northern Cameroon

Clarkson Mvo Wanie

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Impact of Information Technology on Performance of Banks in Nigeria

Chukwukaelo, Uche || Onyeiwu, Charles ||  Amah, Peter

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Practices and Opportunities of Devolved Governances in Kenya; A Case of Garissa County, Kenya.

Ahmed Osman Warfa || Salah Abdirahman Farah || Mohamed Ali Ismail

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Discretion Dilemma of Street-Level Bureaucracy in
Implementation of the Street Vendors Empowerment Policy in Makassar City, Indonesia

Rulinawaty Kasmad ||  Alwi ||  La Tamba

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Language in politicization of religion in Malaysian inter-religious discourse

Munif Zarirruddin Fikri Nordin

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Exploring Trafficking in Persons in Bisi Ojediran’s A Daughter for Sale

Célestin GBAGUIDI || Saturnin M. AFFOUTOU || Adolphe H. SALOMON

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The Implications of Nigera’s Population Structure to Her Economic Growth and Development

Basil u. Eze

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Monitoring Kuhdasht Plain Aquifer Using the Drastic Model (Water Quality Index of the US National Institutes of Health) In the GIS Environment

Daryoush Rahmatiyan || Ghorbanali Mohammadpour || Haniyeh Kaveh || Furoud Geravand || Mahdiyeh Momenpour || MostafaFallah Mojaver || Maryam Saemi

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The Portrait of the Christian Pedagogue in Religious Literature and Patristic Philosophy

Ion Albulescu || Mirela Albulescu

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Social Capital and Fear of Crime: A Test of Organizational Participation Effect in Nigeria

Adesina Shoyode (PhD)

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Decentralization and Decentralized Cooperation in Cameroon: The Futile and Conflicting Initiatives of implementation

Ngam Confidence Chia (Ph.D.) || Kaze Tindo Narcisse Saturnin || Njoh Norbert Kidze

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The Historical Method in Educational Research

Ion Albulescu

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Les sites paleométallurgiques du fer du canton Folo dans le département de Minignan (Côte d’Ivoire)

KOBENAN Atta Bradjé Jacob || BALLO Djalia || Mme KIENON-KABORE Timpoko Hélène;

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